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Storytelling Time With Xnod.  This is our 'home made' video,  made several years ago,  that we would like to share with you... the story is 'Adam Raccoon and The Circus Master',  by Glen Keane.  I separated it into 3 parts as it is about 18 minutes in length, and hope you enjoy it.   Click on the buttons below:
Vacation Liberty School:

* Educates, enlightens, excites, and empowers youth regarding the beliefs, insight, wisdom, and sacrifices of our forefathers.
* Instills pride in faith and country.
* Teaches the origin, nature, and benefits of liberty - providing historical foundation, giving present day application, and endowing future generations with the liberty their predecessors won and enjoyed.
"Take Me To Your Reader"
Judy Pancoast's New Music Video: